Steam crashing didn’t stop Sons of the Forest from selling a huge number of copies

This is a massive milestone for Endnight.

Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the hit survival game from 2014, turned out to be a massive success, with so many people logging on to Steam and trying to buy the game that the whole website and its desktop app crashed for nearly an hour. Endnight Games has now revealed that it sold two million copies in 24 hours since its release.

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Endnight also states that it is excited about the updates to the game it has in the coming weeks, although it gives no hints about the specifics. The replies are filled with industry professionals congratulating the developer on such a monumental success.

Sons of the Forest has likely made tens of millions of dollars, if not more, in just a day, with this announcement likely to drive up hype for the game even more. Whatever reservations the developers had about launching into Steam’s Early Access, it seems that the community trusts them after what they were able to do with The Forest.

Endnight has previously claimed that the game will not be in Early Access for long, with a clear countdown on the main menu pointing to the next update. The developer won’t have to worry about funding for the foreseeable future, instead being able to make Sons of the Forest into what it envisioned.

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