Stay in the shadows: Ame has reportedly made up his mind about pro Dota 2 return this season

It's unclear when he'll return.

Ame has been one of the most talented and respected carry players in the professional Dota 2 scene since first making a name for himself in 2016 with LGD Gaming, which then went on to become PSG.LGD in 2018.

The Chinese star has never managed to lift the Aegis, but he has come awfully close quite a few times in his decorated career, finishing fourth in The International 2017, second in The International 2018, third in The International 2019, and second in The International 2021.

Despite that, and despite only being 25 years old, Ame shocked the world in Dec. 2022 by announcing he was moving to inactive status with PSG.LGD to take some time away from Dota 2 and focus on his life.

The carry star never said how long he intended to remain inactive, or whether it could be permanent. But according to viewers from his latest Bilibili stream, Ame has declared its unlikely hell return anytime this year.

Ames absence from the pro scene has created a bit of a void in the Chinese Dota 2 community. He was arguably their biggest player, often carrying PSG.LGD to victory when the odds were stacked against them.

They have managed to have an excellent start to the season without him, though. Their new roster topped the Chinese Regional League in the Winter Tour with six wins and one loss. Team Aster was right behind them, too.

Right now, theyre among the favorites expected to win the Lima Major.

Itll be interesting to see how they fare against Liquid and BetBoom, however, who have also had a blistering start to the year and are heading into the Major in red-hot form.

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