Starry-eyed sorries: Riot provides compensation missions after multiple issues plague League’s 2022 Star Guardian event

The event of the summer was a huge letdown.

After a handful of issues bogged down League of Legends’ summer Star Guardian event, Riot Games has sent out a whole gamut of compensation missions so players are still able to earn the rewards available in the free pass.

The event is also being extended, with each compensatory mission becoming available on a specific date starting from Wednesday, Aug. 17. The mission for each day is pretty straightforward: win one game to unlock the corresponding rewards.

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These rewards are being given after many other players suffered through multiple bugs that prevented them from claiming any rewards unlocked or progressing through the in-client visual novel. The number of rewards being distributed was “way higher than we expected,” causing the system to queue rewards for specific regions, according to Riot.

Here is the complete list of rewards over the course of the week.

MissionRelease Date at 3pm CTRewards
Mission 1Wednesday, Aug. 17300 Tokens
Star Guardian 2022 Orb
800 Blue Essence
1 Eternals Capsule
Star Guardian Event Icon
Mission 2Thursday, Aug. 18Fiddlesticks Eternals
Come Closer (SN Fiddlesticks Emote)
Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks Icon,
Morgana Eternals
You’re Mine (SN Morgana Emote)
Mission 3Friday, Aug. 19Kai’Sa Eternals
Akali Eternals
Aww How Cute! (SG Kai’Sa Emote)
Who’s Next? (SG Akali Emote)
Star Nemesis Morgana Icon
Mission 4Saturday, Aug. 20Star Guardian Kai’Sa Icon
Star Guardian Akali Icon
Ekko Eternals
Gotcha! (SG Ekko Emote)
Rock On! (SG Taliyah Emote)
Mission 5Sunday, Aug. 21Taliyah Eternals
Star Guardian Taliyah Icon
Star Guardian Ekko Icon
Sona Eternals
So Sweet! (SG Sona Emote)
Mission 6Monday, Aug. 22Rell Eternals
One more thing… (SG Rell Emote)
Star Guardian Rell Icon
Quinn Eternals
Star Guardian Sona Icon
Mission 7Tuesday, Aug. 23Nilah Eternals
What Joy! (SG Nilah Emote)
Perfection (SG Quinn Emote)
Star Guardian Quinn Icon
Star Guardian Nilah Icon

Players can continue to grind the pass until the end of the event on Wednesday, Aug. 24.

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