Starforge Systems makes changes to prices for PCs following fan criticism

"The whole point of criticism is to get change."

Less than 24 hours after the PC building company was unveiled to the world by One True King (OTK), Starforge Systems has already made some tweaks to its pricing amid critical feedback.

This morning, the company announced on Twitter that it is changing some of its prices and tweaking the specs of one of its builds. 

Starforge started operations with four different pre-builds to choose from, ranging from $999.99 to $3,499.99. But the company was quickly criticized for some of the prices that it was charging relative to the value of the components of the PCs.

To address that feedback, Starforge has lowered the price of its $999.99 product to $899.99. The company also reduced the price of its two most high-end PCs by $100 as well. The Horizon Elite PC is now $2,399.99 and the Horizon Creator Edition PC is now $3,399.99. Additionally, the company is changing the GPU associated with the latter. Instead of getting an RTX 3080TI with a Creator Edition, gamers will now get an RTX 3090.

Meanwhile, Starforges customer service is in the process of refunding the $100 difference in prices that people paid if they bought a PC from the company prior to todays changes.

Speaking on the issue last night, one of the brands co-owners Moist Cr1TiKaL quickly scolded viewers who made what he called a braindead take that Starforge is only making changes because of backlash.

What is the point of criticism if you dont want a change? Moist said. Do you just want to be mad? The whole point of criticism is to get change, which this has done. It brought to our attention that these prices arent the same now as they were eight months ago. So now, we can adapt. We can change it, and make it better.

He went on to say that he and OTKs board met just hours following the companys unveiling to handle the criticism they were receiving. For Moist, the quick reaction in favor of customer criticism is something that he feels is a competitive advantage for Starforge in the long run.

I dont think youre going to see NZXT or iBuyPower turnaround within three hours, he said. The point is to beat every other prebuilt competitor, NZXT, iBuyPower, all of it. Clearly the mark was missed so its going to be changed.

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