Star VALORANT duelist records historic numbers in Japanese Challengers playoff

Meiy took over on map five.

When your back is against the wall in VALORANT, having your duelist pop off tends to work things out at all levels of play.

VALORANT Challengers Japan has been leading the charge this year in terms of viewership, and performances like the one Crazy Raccoon’s star duelist posted on May 10 are perhaps all you need to understand why.

In round one of the lower bracket in the VALORANT Challengers Japan split two playoffs, Ibuki “Meiy” Seki made all the difference. Just in time with Bind returning to replace Icebox in the competitive map pool, Meiy absolutely dominated the Morocco-based map to settle Crazy Raccoon’s best-of-five against NORTHEPTION.

Screenshot via Riot Games/VALORANT Challengers Japan

Straying away from his usual Jett pick, Meiy put up a K/D/A of 31/12/5, a KAST (kill, assist, survive, trade) percentage of 95, and had an average damage per round of 296.4 while on Raze. Moreover, Meiy recorded seven first bloods, two rounds with four kills, and went a combined 16-4 against NORTHEPTION’s Raze and Fade players.

The stat of the map for Meiy, however, was his 414.0 ACS (average combat score). At the time of writing, the average ACS among the 40 VALORANT Challengers Japan players in split two is 197.7, according to THESPIKE.GG.

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After posting a lukewarm stat line of 16/9/1 in what was a 6-6 first half, Meiy turned it on the attacking side to the tune of 15/3/4 as both he and Crazy Raccoon rolled off of the momentum and didn’t look back.

The map’s final round is just about all you need to see to understand how Meiy got it done. After double-satcheling in and nabbing a confident opening pick, Meiy simply plays off his teammates and shuts the door on NORTHEPTION.

In a rematch of the VALORANT Challengers Japan split one grand final, Meiy and Crazy Raccoon are set to face FENNEL in the lower bracket semifinal on May 11 at 3am CT.

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