Star Destroyers above Fortnite’s island herald the arrival of a Sith Lord, leakers suggest

It could get a lot worse than Darth Maul.

Fortnite is currently in the middle of its biggest Star Wars collab to date, allowing players to be trained by some Sith and Jedi legends on the island. That’s not all, as it appears that Star Destroyers have begun to appear above the island, visible from the spawn lobby and when looking into the sky from the regular match. Some leakers seem to suggest that those ships are carrying Palpatine.

Now that the hype around the new lightsaber Force abilities and the event’s mini-battle pass in Fortnite has passed, players are beginning to notice the other changes. There are currently three Star Destroyers that seem to be on the approach to the island, with leakers stating what may happen in the coming weeks. According to Fortnite data miner and content creator iFireMonkey, it’s tied to the weekly quests.

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In a tweet last week, he states that there will be a quest during “The Fall of the Republic” quest line that will feature Palpatine giving the order, “The time has come. Execute Order 66.” At this point, the currently peaceful Stormtroopers on the island will turn on the players and shoot at them. This is reminiscent of when the clones did the same thing to the Jedi, killing or scattering them across the galaxy.

Others have claimed that there are more skins in the files, but nothing has been proven. A long list of Star Wars Force powers leaked ahead of the update, one of them was Force Lightning. It raises the question of whether Palpatine could be in the files and potentially be coming later in the event. If so, then it would mean that all the previous leaked powers were correct.

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