Stadium 2021 returns to Siege map pool as Stadium Bravo in Operation Brutal Swarm

It doesn't need to be Road to SI to play this map anymore.

One of Rainbow Six Siege’s most special maps is making a return to the map pool, and this time, for good. Stadium will enter the game’s map rotation permanently during Year Seven, season three, Brutal Swarm.

The 2021 version of Stadium will join the map pool as Stadium Bravo and will be available across all playlists, Ubisoft confirmed in a press conference ahead of Brutal Swarm’s release. This offers a permanent avenue to play the limited-time map.

Stadium maps are only available during the Road to SI events, which mark the build-up to the Six Invitational, Siege‘s biggest esports competition. This meant Stadium maps were only available for a short window of time when the Road to SI events were live. Since they’re full-blown maps, however, developers felt it was “kind of a missed opportunity” to have them only available during such a short window of time.

Stadium Bravo will be a mix of Border and Coastline, with well-balanced sites and color-coded features. Players can see indications for Border and Coastline sites, for instance, and have an idea of where they’re headed next. Ubisoft also tweaked the lightning and improved the distribution of spawns to make them more equal. Lastly, the team added deathmatch and PvE elements to it, with the intention of making it a permanent addition to Siege’s map pool.

Stadium Bravo will arrive during Operation Brutal Swarm, which is scheduled to debut on the Test Server on Aug. 22 and release fully on Sept. 6.

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