Split re-enabled in VALORANT competitive queue

It's back.

Today VALORANT developers Riot Games announced Split is playable in competitive queue again just one day after being disabled. Although the developers did not mention what exploit caused the disabling of the map, it has been speculated the recent Jett exploit in Heaven prompted Riot to take swift action.

Riot disabled Split from competitive queues on June 9 following the circulation of a popular Jett updraft exploit that allowed the character to land on a light above Heaven toward the A-site.

This VALORANT exploit was discussed on Reddit and other social media platforms like TikTok prior to the Riot developers taking action.

The updraft on the lights from the boxes toward the defenders’ side of the map allowed Jett to watch over the entirety of heaven. The attackers would likely never check above them since this spot was thought to be inaccessible. The attackers would then be mowed down from above without ever knowing what hit them.

The exploit could not be replicated by Dot Esports after the map was re-enabled.

The next VALORANT map was teased by Riot earlier today. A large town with an ocean under a dome was pictured in the early reveal. The text Celebrate our city, the wonder under the waves, and day of the sanctuary, was translated from Portuguese, which is likely the location of the next map. 

The aqua-themed map will likely be introduced to VALORANT soon. The battlefield’s official release date, however, has yet to be formally announced.

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