Spicy Legends of Runeterra nerfs and buffs in Patch 3.13 will affect Seasonal meta

From Kai'Sa to Kennen, players can expect big changes in the Forces From Beyond meta.

A large number of significant Legends of Runeterra nerfs will be applied through Patch 3.13, hitting top-tier meta decks and champions.

Several Legends of Runeterra decks have dominated the meta since the release of Forces From Beyond, while others were already top-tier during the Worldwalker Seasonal tournament. Kai’Sa quickly became one of the most-played new champions, averaging around a 55-percent win rate when paired with Demacia. And Bard/Illaoi has been a dominant build since the last Seasonal meta. All three champions are set to be hit with nerfs, either directly or through their spells, within Patch 3.13. 

Illaoi was hit directly with a stat nerf, reducing her health by one at both levels. And her champion spell, Tentacle Smash, took a significant hit through a reduction of Spawn from three to two. In conjunction with Illaoi came a major Bard nerf that not only hit the Illaoi/Bard LoR deck but all Aggro builds using Bard to ramp up power levels on low-cost, low-statted units. Bard will no longer start planting Chimes into a deck until that player has at least three mana gems. 

The nerfs to Bard and Illaoi will definitely bring down the power level of the LoR deck, potentially removing it from one of three decks players submit in the upcoming Forces From Beyond Seasonal tournament. Targeting other top-tier decks, Defiant Dance received a mana cost increase of one and Ravenbloom Conservatory had its Countdown increased to 12. 

Kai’Sa was also hit with nerfs, specifically Second Skin and Spellcharge. Having Kai’Sa’s Second Skin at Focus speed reduced playable interactions, resulting in the Fleeting spell getting reduced to Slow speed. And Supercharge had its mana cost increased by one.

The nerfs won’t knock Kai’Sa out of the meta and she will likely remain a top-tier deck. She likely won’t dominate the LoR Ranked ladder singlehandedly anymore, however. 

In addition to the significant nerfs applied to top-tier decks, buffs were made that could revive a variety of archetypes leading up to the Forces From Beyond Seasonal tournament. Kennen had his Mark of the Storm damage increased to three, potentially reviving the yordle from his slumber.

Darkness as an archetype has the potential to return to top-tier status through a buff that increased Twitsted Catalyzer’s stats back to 2/3. And Nightfall decks received a buff through Duskpetal Dust discounting any card with Nightfall. 

All LoR Patch 3.13 changes will go into effect on Aug. 17. The Forces From Beyond Seasonal will take place from Aug. 27 to 28. 

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