Spica released by TSM, will hit free agency ahead of 2023 League season

The MVP jungler is now looking for a new home.

Star jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu has been released by TSM after the roster’s loss to Evil Geniuses in the 2022 LCS Championship. The former North American champion and 2021 Spring MVP is now an unrestricted free agentand a valuable one at thatheading into the next League of Legends transfer window.

Spica played 166 games for TSM in the LCS between 2019 and his release.

The jungler, who is still just 21, announced the news in a tweet on Sept. 6, confirming he is now able to talk to other League orgs ahead of the 2023 season.

“TSM has terminated my contract, so I am a free agent, effective today,” he wrote in the update. “Thanks to all the fans for the four years of overwhelming support. I’m excited for what’s coming next.”

The Chinese-born jungler has yet to announce if he has found a new team.

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