‘Space mama gotta go’: NICKMERCS calls for Apex Legends to remove Horizon from the game

The streamer is tired of the Apex legend.

Apex Legends has been around for three years now, adding new characters every new season, as well as heaps of new content. These new legends help to change the meta every season, forcing players to adapt their gameplay for their ranked or classic games.

Of course, some legends are more popular than others. When the game first came out, players pretty much only had to worry about Wraith, but now theres a total of 19 legends, with new ones on the way. Amongst them is Horizon, the Gravitational Manipulator. And NICKMERCS, the American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and co-owner of FaZe Clan, wants her to be deleted from the game. 

I hate getting sucked on by Horizon, I cant stand it, he said yesterday in a video on YouTube. Thats the worst character in the video game, they need to take her out, she’s horrible. He continued by saying Space Mama gotta go. Shes got a ball that sucks people through anything, referring to her ultimate ability Black Hole that brings all her enemies together making them sitting ducks waiting for the kill. 

His friend disagreed with him, though, saying Valkyrie should be deleted from the game first, but NICKMERCS explained that Valk eliminates RNG of zones and is basically an essential counter to some legends. 

Being a rotational character, Valk doesnt have the same intentions as Horizon, who has more aggressive gameplay. NICKMERCS explained that sometimes you need to reposition quickly because of RNG. 

Fortnite has a building to get you in, and this game has rotational characters. If you dont have Ash or Wraith or Valk youre just fucked, NICKMERCS said.

Ideally, Respawn Entertainment should balance all of the legends in the game, but it seems NICKMERCS doesnt share this point of view. The addition of new characters every season is almost certainly making the game difficult to balance for the devs. But, hopefully, Horizon will get nerfed soon and be less of an obstacle for Apex Champions. 

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