Space dragon fantasy reimagined in Aurelion Sol gameplay update, pushed to League’s PBE

Goodbye stars, hello cosmic destruction.

A new year marks new changes coming to League of Legends, and among them is a long-awaited update to a champion that has retained one of the lowest pick rates among all champions since his release.

The comprehensive gameplay update for Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, has been patched into Leagues PBE, adding completely new abilities to the champion while retaining the original model that has remained iconic in the game for years. A video posted by SkinSpotlights today has showcased what each of the new abilities looks likeacknowledging a completely different direction for the champion than his original kit.

At time of writing, the update exists solely within the PBE’s files and is not yet available for public testing.

Most notably, three stars no longer revolve around Aurelion Sol at all points of the game. Instead, a new passive for the champion seems to increase the size and effectiveness of his abilities, though it is unclear as to exactly how it will activate.

Aurelion Sols previously-revealed updated Q makes a reappearance, though appears to inflict some sort of stacking damage on opponents the longer the breath makes direct contact with them. His W returns in a slightly changed format, now allowing him to travel a short distance with a seemingly shorter cooldown, rather than the massive cooldown for the long distance traveled currently in the game.

Another new ability joining Aurelion Sols kit thanks to the removal of his stars is his E, which now acts as a small area-of-effect gravitational pull. This ability works similarly to Orianna and Rells ultimates, though champions appear to be able to walk out of it slightly easier and are damaged over time within it.

Aurelion Sols new ultimate hurls a giant meteor at enemies from the cosmos, appearing to stun opponents that are struck by it. The video also shows that an empowered version of the ultimate not only makes the impact bigger and knock-up enemies, but that it radiates a shockwave that travels across nearly the entire map, striking any target in its path.

It is currently unclear as to when Aurelion Sols comprehensive gameplay update will be made available on Leagues live servers, but it is expected this massive overhaul to the champions abilities will be in testing for a number of weeks. In the meantime, players can look forward to the release of a midscope update for Jax alongside Patch 13.1 on Jan. 10.

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