Sources: The wildest VALORANT offseason begins with superstar TenZ set to become a free agent

Let the fun begin.

The most popular VALORANT player in the world could leave Sentinels at the end of the year, multiple sources told Dot Esports. 

TenZ will need to re-sign with Sentinels to stay with the organization for the partnership league next year. Sentinels, alongside several other organizations, has been in discussion with tournament organizer and game developer Riot Games for months to secure a slot in the Americas league, which will begin in February, as reported by Dot Esports. 

He will be allowed to negotiate with other teams in December in accordance with his contract. But Sentinels will likely re-negotiate with TenZ if it receives a slot in the partnership league, with the full list of teams yet to be chosen by Riot. 

TenZ joins the long list of players and coaches who will enter free agency at the conclusion of the year. All players will enter negotiations following the announcement of teams that enter into partnership with Riot. 

Partnered teams will need to submit a roster to Riot in mid-October to give the developers enough time to finalize the logistics of moving players to the location of their respective international league, as first reported by Dot Esports. 

TenZ, alongside Sentinels, has built his brand to become the most popular player in the game. He has amassed an average viewership of 24,000 on Twitch over the past three months and garnered over 3 million followers, according to Twitch Tracker

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