Sources: Sentinels to sign Zellsis for last chance qualifier

He's still not verified.

North American organization Sentinels is set to play with Jordan Zellsis Montemurro for the upcoming VALORANT last chance qualifier, multiple sources told Dot Esports. Zellsis will play in Champions if the team qualifies. 

VALORANT player Eric Kanpeki Xu will likely make way for the Version1 player on the starting roster, according to sources. The announcement of Zellsis’ signing is expected soon.  

Zellsis will join the Sentinels lineup alongside newcomer Michael shroud Grzesiek, who joined the roster a few days ago. It is expected that Shroud and Zellsis will be the last transfers for the team. 

Zellsis will play the flex role while shroud will play smokes at the last chance qualifier, which is set to begin next month. The Sentinels roster will compete from a boot camp, the organization announced on Twitter. 

Former player Jay Sinatraa Won was considered but the team decided not to promote him back to the starting roster. Sinatraa will likely remain on the substitute bench as his future remains unclear.

Sentinels are one of the many North American teams looking to secure a spot in the partnered league next year. They, like the vast majority of other teams, will find out whether they are accepted around Champions in September. 

Sentinels will face off against The Guard in the first round of the last chance qualifier, according to multiple sources. The winner of the last chance qualifier will qualify for Champions, the most anticipated international event in the VALORANT calendar, which is set to begin in September. 

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