Sources: C9 White coach x0tek is parting ways with Game Changers team

It's unclear where he will go next.

Cloud9 White coach Reid “x0tek” Johnson is moving on from the org, sources close to Cloud9 told Dot Esports.

C9 White, who have been undefeatable so far in the VCT Game Changers tournaments, brought x0tek onto the coaching staff in June. Though his time on C9 White was short-lived, the team drastically improved with his coaching, coupled with the team’s dedication to VALORANT.

During the time x0tek was coaching them, C9 White won another Game Changers tournament, a task that is becoming more difficult the more marginalized gender teams spend time practicing together and improving. This was made even more evident in the latest Game Changers tournament since the team lost to Immortals in the first match of the playoff bracket and had to fight through the lower bracket to get back to the grand finals, where they beat Shopify Rebels 3-1.

X0tek came to C9 White after a six-month coaching stint with Philadelphia-based team Susquehanna Soniqs, where he was the head coach from October 2021 until he announced that he was an unrestricted free agent in March 2022. A few months later, C9 White announced his arrival after head coach Chris “Dream” Myrick parted ways with the org.

Throughout the course of x0tek’s coaching stint with C9 White, he brought over Bob Tran from Soniqs to play for C9W after Annie Roberts stepped down from the team to pursue a streaming career under the C9 umbrella.

As for who will replace x0tek, it is possible that strategic coach Jornen “MoonChopper” Nishiyama could step in to take his place. MoonChopper has been with C9W since November 2020 and will likely be trialing for the position, sources say.

C9 White will need a new coach to replace x0tek before the next Game Changers event, which begins its main event on Oct. 13.

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