Sony’s PS5 sales land as expected, 11.5 million units sold in 2021

The latest PlayStation device has continued to be held back by production shortages.

Sony has revealed its 2021 financial year sales report, showing that the PlayStation 5 sold 11.5 million units as predicted.

Initially, Sony had predicted that the device would sell more than 14 million during the financial year. In February 2021, however, numbers were adjusted to reflect manufacturing delays that the company continues to suffer.

During the Q3, 2021 earnings call, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki explained that the “limitations on the supply of components are expected to continue going forward, but we are continuing to exert every effort to meet the strong demand for PS5”.

This sentiment has been echoed in the most recent earnings report. The company claims that the demand for PS5 consoles is still strong enough that, eventually, it will be back on track to become its best-selling console generation to date.

The last quarter was the slowest yet for the PS5 since its launch, selling just 2 million units. This is almost half as many as Q3 which saw 3.9 million units sold and was the most successful quarter for the device so far.

With its 2021 sales, the PS5 has now sold more than 19.3 million units and was the highest-selling console for the company during the year. This being the case, the PS4 fell year-over-year selling just 1 million units.

As many players who have attempted to get their hands on a PS5 will know, the demand for the console is still very much alive. Once Sony is able to get its manufacturing under control, players should expect to see sales numbers rise as predicted.

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