Sony will stop making PS4 games by 2025, company estimates

A new presentation to investors revealed Sony's future plans for PlayStation.

Sony recently made a presentation to investors and revealed what the end of the PS4 looks like in it. The company trumpeted the initial popularity of the PS5 compared to its last-gen counterpart and said that it expects to stop making games for the PS4 by 2025.

The presentation offered plenty of insights into Sonys transition from the last generation of consoles to the current. It also outlined future strategies for new IPs and areas of development for investors. Notably, the PS5 outsold the PS4 in its first year, before dipping below the PS4s numbers in its second year due to supply constraints, according to Sony. The company expects the PS5 to overtake the PS4s numbers once again in the near future and describes supply issues around the PS5 as a top priority the company seeks to resolve.

Despite the news that games will stop being developed for both the PS4 and PS5 consoles, Sony also reported that the PS4 has maintained the best longevity of any console in the PlayStation series. In the fiscal year 2021, the PS4 accounted for 65 percent of the revenue generated from the PlayStation Store, compared to the PS5s 35 percent. Part of that share is due to the ongoing supply issues for the PS5, with far more players having access to PS4s still.

Sonys success in moving away from the PS4 most likely depends upon its ability to fix these supply constraints, with both Russias invasion of Ukraine and the effects of COVID-19 on parts manufacturing still creating a bottle-neck for new systems hitting the market. With the PS4 still generating so much revenue in the form of digital sales and in-game purchases from the PS Store, halting the release of content for the older system would likely result in much slower revenue growth, if so many consumers are still having problems finding PS5s in two years time.

Of course, Sony also has other areas of growth with which it can compensate for ceasing the production of games for the PS4 system, such as mobile and PC releases. The company wants to expand aggressively in these areas and wishes to effectively double its current portfolio for both platforms by the fiscal year 2025.

The full report also gives details on things like virtual reality and moving beyond console for anyone who wants a glimpse into Sonys future. For now, most will look to finally get their hands on a PS5 if they want to keep enjoying Sonys offerings well into the future.

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