Sonic the Hedgehog and friends return to Fall Guys this week in special event

No chili dog costume?!?

A special limited-time Sonic the Hedgehog event is coming to Fall Guys on Thursday, Aug. 11, featuring a new level, a limited-time show, challenges to complete, rewards to earn, and new costumes to buy in the shop.

The event, which runs from Aug. 11 to 15, will feature a new level or round known as Bean Hill Zone,” as first reported by Game Informer. This new round will be a pivotal part of the new limited-time show known as “Gotta Go Fast.” During the event, players will have 10 different challenges they can complete in Gotta Go Fast shows. Each completed challenge rewards 100 XP, with the XP going toward earning five different rewards:

  • “Bean Hill Zone” nameplate (200 XP)
  • 200 Kudos (400 XP)
  • “Bonus Rings” pattern (600 XP)
  • 400 Kudos (800 XP)
  • “Sonic’s Sneakers” lower costume (1,000 XP)

The 10 challenges are split between running specific distances and acquiring specific amounts of rings during Gotta Go Fast shows, according to leaks from Fall Guys data miners.

In addition to the new level, show, and challenges, Sonic himself is returning to the Fall Guys store alongside a handful of new friends and foes. Players can purchase the Sonic costume, but can also purchase full costumes for Super Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Dr. Eggman. According to leaked images, players can get a discount if they buy Sonic and Knuckles together, and/or buy Eggman and Tails together.

Sonic and friends’ arrival in Fall Guys is the latest in numerous crossover events that have occurred since the game’s move to free-to-play.

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