Someone may have stolen the Aegis of Champions from the TI11 winners

This was the only part of the tournament Tundra mismanaged.

The International 2022 concluded this past weekend with Tundra Esports dominating the Dota 2 world without losing a single series in the playoffs. But it looks like that winning streak couldnt last forever because just hours after lifting the Aegis of Champions, the TI11 champs said they lost it. 

At some point during the post-TI celebrations, Tundra claims to have misplaced the legendary symbol of Dotas highest achievement. 

Considering the Aegis likely passed through dozens of hands following its removal from the pedestal on stage, it isnt hard to see how the celebrating players and other members of Tundra may have lost track of the prize. But apparently, finding it hasnt been a simple task. Tundra announced that the Aegis was missing on Twitter early this morning.

It is still unclear exactly what happened to the large metal shield, which looks to have been in the hands of the team well through the night and even into portions of the morning. And while the call to action has been circulating throughout the community and Singapore, the team has seemingly had no luck in getting a lead on where it might have gone. 

The Dota community has been active in trying to find the Aegis, but the memes have also been legendary. This includes multiple personalities coming forward and claiming they are involved in the theft, such as iceiceice offering the trophy to the highest bidder or someone implying that it has been mailed to TI11 favorites PSG.LGD. 

Thankfully, OG has offered to let Tundra use one of its two Aegis as a substitute until it does find the one it apparently lost.

Based on the continued messaging, Tundra appears to be serious about the theft. Dot Esports has reached out to Tundra for comment.

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