Someone can be heard breathing heavily in Modern Warfare 2’s menus and players really do not like it

Tony Soprano? Is that you?

A new feature quietly added in Modern Warfare 2’s Season Two Reloaded update has been not-so-quietly disturbing players ever since.

With last week’s new patch, there seems to be a new addition to the main menu: the sound of someone breathing heavily, menacingly, and with reckless regard for players with headphones everywhere.

The breathing can be heard in the video above. It’s loud, it’s constant, it’s obnoxious, and it’s leaving a lot of players feeling both confused and frustrated.

Many players are speculating that the breathing is teasing the impending arrival of the Shredder as an operator in a new store bundle tomorrow, March 21. But the breathing sounds more like Shredder doing a Darth Vader impression than anything else.

“Lately in the weapons menu I’ve had moments when I thought I could hear something, but didn’t know what it was,” said a Reddit poster speaking on the heavy breather. “When I turned the volume way up on an otherwise quiet menu, there was the sound of some guy breathing heavily. It’s super creepy, especially late at night when it’s really quiet, to hear what sounds like some guy breathing right behind you.”

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The reactions continued all throughout the weekend on Twitter, with many players generally wondering why the breathing was there in the first place, and many asking if others heard it too or if they were imagining things.

If it’s not tied to the Shredder’s release, odds are that it’s just a bug that has something to do with the sound players make when they hold their breath while sniping.

In any event, players may want to turn up their main menu music in the game’s settings to avoid having the mouth-breather in their ears between games of MW2 or Warzone 2.

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