Some LoL players are getting scammed by the shopkeeper with new Wardstone bug

The item is also disabled due to an unrelated exploit.

The Watchful Wardstone has recently been an issue item in League of Legends since the developers have had to scramble to fix multiple exploits with it over the last few months. But now, a new glitch is hitting summoners that is yoinking their gold and control wards and only giving them a headache in return.

In the Patch 13.10 bug thread on the League subreddit, multiple players have reported that they’ve been scammed by the shopkeeper when trying to buy the Watchful Wardstone in the later game stages when multiple items have been bought.

According to players, they’d try to buy Wardstone with a full inventory, which would cause the shop to not only take 1,100 gold but also remove any control wards in their possession. The item, however, would not be given, causing them to lose a ton of gold and all of their vision tools.

This glitch has also been perfectly timed with the temporary removal of Wardstone from the game. Riot’s lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison explained earlier today that the developers are ironing out an exploit that featured the item, although many players are hoping they’ll fix this new bug at the same time before re-releasing it onto the live servers.

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It isn’t exactly known what exploit is affecting Wardstone, but the item has been the face of a major cheat before. In previous exploits, for example, users could repeatedly buy and sell the item to earn extra gold, allowing them to reach their full builds much earlier than anticipated.

The developers will likely try to smooth out all the issues with the item before the next patch goes live next week on Thursday, June 1.

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