Some heavily requested Overwatch 2 features are ‘on hold,’ developer says

It's going to be a while before you can do any of this stuff.

Cosmetics in Overwatch 2 are one of the things that turn the objective-based team shooter into the fun game with loads of personality that it is, and headed into the new free-to-play version of the game, there were many features that Blizzard promoted.

Just like the PvE experience that has continually been pushed back, however, there are some cosmetic features to Overwatch 2 that seem to have been swept under the rug as well. Things like being able to give other players a thumbs up or thumbs down and weapon inspecting have seemingly been put off, and the games executive producer Jared Neuss took a moment on social media to address the situation.

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In an effort to be transparent, Neuss responded to a fans post on Twitter, in which the fan specifically asked about a promo for OW2 that shows players using thumbs up/down emotes and another emote that included a hero placing a banner down. While Neuss didnt go into detail, his reply was quick and to the point.

On hold at the moment but it’s possible they’ll make an appearance at some point, he said.

Given how Blizzards developers are typically careful with the way they word things, its safe to say that on hold suggests players shouldnt expect to see banners or first-person gestures in the game anytime soon. If the team were working on it, Neuss likely would have stated that they were, even if he didnt give a timeline for the features.

By not even saying that theyre working on the features, it appears as though anyone looking to give a teammate a thumbs up during a match will have a long wait before they can do so.

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