Some Apex players missed out on a free event pack thanks to update woes

Players are not happy.

Apex Legends‘ latest Collection event Imperial Guard is here, and it’s already having a rocky start.

Shortly after the update was introduced, the event was disabled due to “progressing the Collection Event on 16.0.2 interferes with rewards once” players updated the game to version 16.0.3.

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Respawn Entertainment recommended players not claim rewards from the event. But some did, and their rewards were lost in the process.

Many players have been complaining about losing their normal pack, which was the first reward offered in the Collection Guard Collection Event for only 250 points.

Since the update was disabled, Apex players have been unable to find their rewards from the track of the event. This is especially worrying because it’s the most valuable free reward of the event.

It’s of Epic rarity and can contain an exclusive skin for the event, including Fuse’s. There are only two to claim in the whole event: the first one, for 250 points, and the other for 5,000.

The second Epic Collection Pack is the most challenging reward to get since players will have to complete most of the event to reach that milestone.

Respawn has to provide a statement on the situation. It’s unclear if players who claimed their Pack will be able to get it back before the Collection Event ends.

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