Solo is looking for a new Dota 2 team, might move to coaching after rough exit from NAVI

Solo still has more to give.

Despite a hot start to The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifiers, NAVI flamed out of the competition after a long fight against Xtreme Gaming. Only two days after their elimination, NAVI announced the removal of Solo, but the veteran is already ready to bounce back. Hes currently looking for a new team as a position five support.

Solos also considering coaching positions for the upcoming season. Given how the Eastern European Dota 2 scene crumbled at TI11, the legendary CIS captains experience can also be put into use by a young EEU squad, allowing him to breed new talent into the scene.

Neither Solo nor NAVI made a detailed announcement regarding his departure, but rumors pointed to internal issues that could break the team apart before TI11. The team was reportedly on the verge of splitting as players disagreed with Solos captaining style. Still, they ultimately decided to stick together for their TI11 chances, as splitting up just before one of the biggest tournaments in the world generally isn’t a recipe for success.

NAVI was excellent at putting their issues aside on their way to TI11, but with the tournament out of the way, nothing held the squad together. NAVI is yet to announce their fifth member, and its currently unclear if there’s a team that has Solo on their radar.

Solos also has a history of putting together his own stacks, so creating his own team and starting from the bottom again may not be out of the question for him in the upcoming DPC season.

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