Solo doesn’t care which League team will take him, as long as he’s still playing in the LCS

The “nomad” top laner hints he is ready to find a new org.

Although TSM had a short run in the 2022 LCS Summer playoffs, much of their success can be credited to their top laner, Solo. He popped off during their League of Legends series against FlyQuest, helping TSM secure a 3-2 victory.

Against EG, he kept his calm despite the hour-long delays. He played a key role in pushing the series to Silver Scrapes and a game five, which TSM unfortunately lost.

Even after getting eliminated from LCS and not securing a spot at Worlds 2022, Solo still feels optimistic about his future in the LCS.

Solos nomadic League journey 

Solo has been playing professionally for eight years in the LCS. He made his debut in 2014 as a part of the Zenith Esports roster. But from there on, he never found a perfect home. He had jumped from one esports organization to another, either as a part of their  Academy rosters or in the main lineup.

Throughout his long LCS career, he has represented almost every North American organization in the league. 

In an interview with Dexerto, he said he still has confidence in his League skills and his ability to play with the team, especially adapting to their playstyle.

Im pretty malleable, so I can fit into whatever team, he said. 

Whenever I join a team, Im just trying to fill in what needs to be filled in and not dominate and be like, this is what were doing now, everything works around me, Im doing comms now. It just really varies. 

Entry into TSM and performance in playoffs

TSM was in dire need of a capable top laner, especially after Huni announced his retirement on Aug. 9. So the management decided to promote the newly-added Solo from Academy and send S0ul there in his place.

This decision worked in TSMs favor;  Solo popped off against FlyQuest, helping his team make a comeback and win the series.

He also played a crucial role in the series against Evil Geniuses.

Regarding his performance, he said, I think I obviously play well. I play to the level of any of the top players in the league, right? Be it Impact or Ssumday. Im never a liability, but I think a lot of the value comes from day-to-day behind-the-scenes things, just being extremely consistent.

Solo also said he adds a lot of value to teams and helps them win crucial games. According to him, out of all the other teams making similar moves late in the season, he and TSM were the only ones who pulled it off successfully.

Future plans in the LCS and League

Despite moving across so many teams in his career, Solo is still optimistic about his future in the LCS. He has emerged as one of the best top laners in the region, which can be clearly seen in his recent performances.

I mean Ill play for any LCS team if theyll have me. I think thats always been the case. Ill try, for sure, to start next Spring. That means a lot to get a whole year in. Its definitely much harder to come into the split where everyones practiced up and try to be as dominatingI mean, yeah Id love to do that.

So well see. Its only a matter of time, he said.

After TSMs elimination, Solo was also seen on the analyst desk of the LCS broadcast. He was there with Kobe and Captain Flowers casting game two of the Liquid vs. 100 Thieves series.

With Spica leaving TSM, the org will look for an experienced League player to lead them. They might turn to Solo or let him also go after his contract expires in November. 

Still, we might soon see him back again, either with TSM or another team. 

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