Sodapoppin reveals why he hasn’t been streaming much since Twitch ban

Soda opens up about motivation issues.

After being faced with an extended Twitch ban in April, streaming veteran Sodapoppin has been hesitant to return to his regular streaming schedule. To address fans worried about his absence, Sodapoppin tweeted why that has been the case.

On April 14, Sodapoppin was banned for only his second time on Twitch for a blackface clip that went viral. Though the Twitch streamer admitted that the ban was deserved, Sodapoppin said his ban caused significant family issues. And after being unbanned, the legacy streamer has only went live a handful of times.

On May 9, the 28-year-old responded to fans via Twitter and explained his recent hiatus, hoping to clear up any concerns viewers may have had. Sodapoppin cited a recent lack of motivation for his slow return to the platform.

“Sorry haven’t streamed lately,” Sodapoppin said. “I just haven’t felt like it and I don’t force myself to do it. Might be live tmrw might not.” Sodapoppin expressed that the sole reason for his disappearance is due to motivation and assured fans that nothing else was going on.

Sodapoppin’s explanation was largely met with support by fans, who said his break is well-deserved time off. While it may still be some time before fans can expect Sodapoppin to return to his regular broadcast on Twitch, the content creator’s YouTube channel has remained active throughout his extended break.

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