So far, MSI 2023 results would have been exactly the same with a best-of-one format

Although many fans love the new format.

League of Legends fans have already had the opportunity to watch 19 series unfold at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, but the results would have been exactly the same if Riot Games stuck with its usual best-of-one format.

Every series so far in the tournament has been won by the team who triumphed in the first game of the series, a fan pointed out on Reddit on May 14. That being said, most series have been heavily one-sided.

While this is true, the new double-elimination format has generally gone down well with fans. “We haven’t got to the good parts yet and already weve had gen g vs t1 bo5 masterpiece. It’s already been worth it,” one fan said “Yeah, but we’re getting more games, and a lot of the games after the first are pretty spicy ones,” another added.

Fans are generally satisfied with the format changes and claim the best is yet to come, with some exciting LCK and LPL matchups on their way.

T1 are set to face JD Gaming in the winners’ bracket final, while Bilibili Gaming and Gen.G could match up against each other in the lower bracket, given they defeat their opponents G2 Esports and Cloud9, respectively.

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MSI 2023 returns on May 16 with the last European representatives fighting for survival.

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