Snip3down plans to compete in both Halo and Apex Legends

The Halo legend will compete in the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier with a different North American heavyweight.

Only a day after admitting that a return to Apex Legends was in the works, Snip3downs future is much clearer.

The Halo legend clarified that he is going to return to competition in Apex and try to qualify for the ALGS Championship in July. But he also hoped to continue in Halo esports, expressing his desire to also play at the HCS World Championships in October.

Ive had a lot of tough decisions to make, said Snip3down during an Apex stream. The goal is to compete in both [Halo and Apex], and well see what opportunities arise.

Snip3down will have time to devote to both games because the next HCS major isnt until September, while the ALGS season concludes in July. If the competition uses the same format as it did in its current season, ALGS year three most likely wouldnt begin until late October or early November, which would give Snip3down a perfect window of opportunity to compete at HCS Worlds and not miss out on any Apex competition.

I can do both, as long as the people I play with allow me to do both, Snip3down explained when asked if there would be scheduling conflicts. I already play video games 10 hours a day my Halo scrims would need to be early, and then Ill just hop on and scrim Apex right after, and then just play both as much as I can. I truly think Ive been competing long enough to where I can stay a top professional in both games.

As for who Snip3down will play for, he did make one thing very clear to his stream: Im FaZe Snip3down, alright? That aint changing at all.

Apex fans will have noticed, however, that Snip3down has been preparing for the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier Two with Complexity with Apex mainstays Bowen Monsoon Fuller and Bryan iShiny McCarthy. It appears the team decided to bring in Snip3 in order to help them qualify for the ALGS Championship. Only the top two finishers in each region at the end of LCQ2 will qualify for the Championship.

I need to find people who are mature to team with who that can respect that I am a professional, and I will put in the work necessary to be at the top, Snip3down told his stream. And if I feel like Im hindering either/or, then I will make a professional choice at that point. But I dont believe that will be the case.

Competing in multiple esports titles at the same time is a rarity, given the time constraints of balancing two pro schedules at the same time and needing to be practiced and versed in both games. But the scheduling over the next several months does seem to open up an opportunity for Snip3down, who originally left TSMs Apex roster when it became clear he wanted to play pro Halo, and that the HCS kickoff event conflicted with the first split of the ALGS Pro League.

It is what it is, man. Its a fucking business decision, Snip3down said. And its the right choice, for sure.

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