Snip3back: FaZe Clan enters Apex Legends with a potential superteam and mysterious third

A new challenger enters the North American Apex scene.

As expected, Snip3down didnt stay retired for very long. While he may have stepped away from professional Halo yesterday, hes already back to competing with FaZe Clan. This time, however, hell do it in Apex Legends.

FaZe announced its first pro Apex team today, headlined by Snip3down, who has previously competed in Apex with storied rosters like TSM and Rogue. He is joined by SlurpeeG, one of North Americas best controller fraggers who has previously competed in the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League with SXG and G-Force. 

The announcement video from FaZe did leave an air of mystery about the third member of the squad, however. It is widely expected that the duo will be joined by TSMs Albralelie, who has competed with them in several tournaments over the past few months. Albralelie was originally a part of TSMs competitive roster when the team formed Apexs earliest dynasty before moving on to compete with Team Liquid and Cloud9 while remaining a TSM content creator.

Its unclear if Albralelie will simply continue on with TSM as he has on his previous rosters or if FaZe is waiting for certain contract negotiations or stipulations to play out before announcing him. It seems very unlikely that the team would go with a different third member at this point since ALGS play starts in mere weeks and the loss of Albralelie would most likely jeopardize FaZes presumed spot in the Pro League.

On paper, the trio has the makings of a superteam, albeit one that must answer some legitimate questions to achieve those heights. Can Snip3down regain the form that made him one of the most feared controller players in the world? Can Albralelie succeed in reining in two players who excel at aggression and fighting in his first team where hell function as the primary IGL?

On a more macro level, FaZe also enters a crowded North American scene that already features many of the best Apex teams in the world, like TSM, NRG, 100 Thieves, C9, Liquid, and more. Theyre not even the only major newcomers to the NA pro scene with big expectations. Reigning ALGS champions DarkZero have made the move from their native Australia to the U.S. for the next year of ALGS competition.

FaZe might not find life quite so simple when they begin ALGS play on Nov. 6. But they certainly have a roster with the ability to answer all the questions asked of them.

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