Sneaky is now a top-level Dota 2 player after less than 300 games played

Time to change that Twitch handle to Dota 2.

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi recently fell in love with Dota 2. The ex-League of Legends pro started from scratch and learned finer details of the game through a series of funny and unfortunate moments in his ranked Dota 2 matches.

Sneakys restless efforts paid off, however, and the famous cosplayer reached Ancient One, approximately 3,800- 4,000 MMR in less than 300 games played in Dota 2.

While Ancient One may not sound that high for hardcore Dota 2 fans, there are a few details that make Sneakys achievement impressive. The ex-pro started and continued his journey while exclusively playing carry heroes, a role that requires great experience, which he was expected to lack from the beginning.

Sneaky initially started streaming Dota 2 with a small group of friends who were ranked at Archon, ranging from around 2,000-2,900 MMR. The League expert also had little to no Dota experience since he only played Dota 1 against bots in his youth before moving on to Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends.

After playing around 120 unranked games, Sneaky calibrated at Crusader Five, 2,000-ish MMR, meaning he doubled his MMR in an impressively short amount of time. After party queuing until Legend One, 3,000 MMR, Sneaky found himself in the smurf pool, a system where Valve places super high win rate accounts in order to get them to their skill bracket faster.

With a couple of clutch wins in the smurf pool, Sneaky found himself in the Ancient bracket, a combination of high Platinum and low Diamond in League terms. Only 10 percent of the total player base is Ancient and above, meaning Sneaky is silently approaching the top ranks of Dota 2 while streaming his adventures on Twitch.

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