Sneaky claims Riot isn’t letting him, Doublelift, and Meteos co-stream MSI together

It's another L for NA League fans.

When it comes to co-streaming in North America, most League of Legends fans prefer to watch Sneaky, Doublelift, and Meteos. Their funny comments and hot takes make League games more entertaining. But even though the three of them have been selected to co-stream the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, Sneaky claims they can’t do it together.

On May 2, LS, IWDominate, Doublelift, Meteos, and Sneaky were named as the five North American co-streamers for the MSI 2023. NA fans were hyped to watch the tournament along with the commentary provided by the legendary trio. But fans soon found out that only one of them was co-streaming the MSI matches at a time.

One viewer asked Sneaky about this issue during the C9 vs. Bilibili Gaming series on May 11. No co-stream because Meteos is co-streaming, he said. Only one of me, Meteos, and Doublelift can co-stream at a time.

Sneaky claimed to not know the reason behind Riot’s decision. I mean, the last like four days none of us can co-stream. But LS and Dom can, he said.

With the decline of LCS viewership every year, co-streams have become a haven for like-minded fans to come together and watch competitive matches. Many fans are not interested in the nitty-gritty details provided by the analyst desk at official broadcasts and just want to watch matches with their favorite streamers and the community.

But this decision from Riot has confused many NA League fans. It will further dissuade them to watch MSI 2023 since the Bracket Stage draws seemed to have already made it harder for the region to win.

Due to such a stringent requirement, Sneaky has been the only one streaming MSI matches regularly on his Twitch channel. Meanwhile, Meteos has streamed just a few. Sneaky was able to set up a duo co-stream with Meteos twice and Doublelift once during the play-in stage.

The new format for MSI 2023 has given an additional lifeline to Western teams after their disastrous performances this week. Only Golden Guardians remain to be tested by JDG in the upper bracket but it looks unlikely they will win against the LPL first-seed team. Their match starts today at 7am CT.

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