Sneaky and friends get lost in a sea of Phantom Lancer illusions in Dota 2

Phantom Lancer had strength in numbers. What did Sneaky have?

Some heroes in Dota 2 can be incredibly difficult to kill, especially during the late game. Though former League of Legends pro Sneaky has been learning the ins and outs of Dota over the past weeks, he hadnt witnessed the might of Phantom Lancer (PL)the doppelganger masteruntil yesterday.

In a long battle, Sneaky and his teammates found themselves in a fierce skirmish versus a very-farmed Phantom Lancer.

What started as a one-vs-three situation soon proved itself to be otherwise as Sneakys mates struggled to find the real PL while keeping his illusions under control. Considering PL also had an Aegis during the battle, he saw no reason to back out and continued to create more illusions while hitting the closest target.

While Sneakys side could take down PL once, the heros return with full health would turn out to be another problem. Despite Sneakys Gyrocopter respawning and joining the fight, PLs second coming to the battle was enough to take down the Dire team one by one.

Cries asking which PL was real echoed in the team voice chat and Sneakys stream as PL demolished the Dire side. Soon after the unfortunate events of PL taking over the game, Medusa on Sneakys team decided to call it quits, refusing to help out their team throughout the remainder of the match.

Medusas action earned them a couple of reports from the former League pro and his party members, but whether theyll go to low-priority or not will remain a mystery for the time being.

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