Snatching CIS: OG finalizes Dota 2 roster with a former bear in the offlane

Can a bear bloom?

Another rumor can be checked off the list as OG pull Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin over from Eastern Europe to fill the final slot in its 2023 Dota Pro Circuit lineup. 

This is something that was listed as a possibility when OG struggled in finding a suitable offlaner in Western Europe following the orgs decision to part ways with ATF due to constraints his playstyle put on the rosters overall approach to Dota.

With DM, the team feels like it has found exactly what it needs to open a door to the next level, bringing in an offlaner that would provide a different type of balance to what ATF could bring with a more sacrificial role to complement the other players. This also includes a passion to play with his team and a willingness to push his own approach to the game even further. 

DM is an amazing player and human being, he has a very precise approach to Dota and puts his mind into his gameplay every day, very excited to play with him! I believe that DM will fit well into our team and bring some cool and exciting ideas, OG captain Misha said.

Bringing in an EEU talent to join the roster isnt that big of a departure for OGs 2.0 approach either, as even before making this move the majority of the current OG players are from that region originallynot that it matters much considering the short distance to make the leap. 

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DM now sits as the glue holding Yuragi and bzms frontline and Taiga and Mishas backline together after doing the same for over the last two years. This signifies the hopes management has that adding versatility to a team that lacked it in the second half of the previous seasonpost-Stockholm Major win specificallywill keep things flexible and less reliant on one style of play. 

And who knows, this might not be the only roster news coming out from OG heading into the 2023 DPC season in January. We still have Old G to look forward to.

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