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Smite’s 8.8 bonus update hits live servers

You can never have too many new skins.

Smite is kicking off the week with the 8.8 bonus update.

Here’s a look at what you can expect to go live with today’s patch.

The Hi-Rez team is always hard at work cranking out balance changes and new skins, and the 8.8 bonus update includes both. In addition to a plethora of balance changes directed at both items and gods, patch 8.8 introduces four new skins: Senko Sage Anubis, Silver Bullet Tsukuyomi, Death’s Door Janus, and Neon Shifter Sun Wukong.

Both Senko Sage Anubis and Silver Bullet Tsukuyomi will be available exclusively as part of the ongoing Perilous Seas Odyssey. To obtain Neon Shifter Sun Wukong, you’ll need to get lucky with the Neon Chest. Similarly, Death’s Door Janus will be available through the Death’s Door Chest.

You can check out more details on the skins coming with 8.8 here. Patch 8.8 is also introducing changes to eight items and six characters. Many of the characters being balanced are ones you’ll recognize as pick or ban as of recent. Of all the gods changed with this patch, Charybdis was the only one to avoid the nerf bat. Instead, she only had minor bug fixes.

Ymir, Yemoja, Persephone, Osiris, Morgan Le Fay, and Gilgamesh all had changes you would consider nerfs. Items receiving changes include Stone-Cutting Sword, Winged Blade, Void Shield, Odysseus’ Bow, Ichaival, Soul Gem, Sundering Axe, and Fighter’s Mask. You can check out the changes in detail alongside some developer insight, here.

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