Small TFT Set 8 PBE patch kicks off second week of testing, focusing on traits, Hero Augments, and bug fixes

Get ready for big changes that are coming tomorrow.

Riot Games is set to ship a small Teamfight Tactics PBE update today focusing on more bug fixes, along with Set Eight balance changes to a handful of traits and Hero Augments. 

Players can expect a big TFT Set Eight PBE update tomorrow based on data from over the weekend. But to start off the second week of Monsters Attack! testing, the team will drop a small-size patch today that was locked in last Friday, Nov. 18, according to game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer. The areas of focus for today’s update include changes to Galio and LeBlanc Hero Augments, along with smaller tweaks to traits. Players can expect the update to hit the PBE servers around 2pm CT. 

Trait and Hero Augment TFT Set 8 PBE changes

  • Gadgeteen: All Gadgeteen items will activate and deactivate with the trait. Items will also decay on the bunch and during PvE rounds.
  • Corrupted: Units with the Corrupted trait can still get ability power if they get hit with a Zephyr.
  • ADMIN: A Cause text change was applied from “On takedown ADMIN gain” to “On kill your units gain.”
  • Hacker: The Hackerrim and rider can no longer be affected by Rocket Propelled Fist, Zephyr, or the Blitzcrank Support Augment.
  • Hacker: An upgrade was applied to drag and drop logic upon swapping Hackerrim during the planning phase.
  • Galio Justice Punch (Hero): Text was updated to “Gain a Galio. His ability costs 40 less mana to cast, deals 75 percent more damage, and knocks up its target for two seconds.”
  • LeBlanc Mirror Image (Support): LeBlanc will prioritize the highest star-level unit when the distance of allies is tied. 

Set 8 Nov. 21 bug fixes

Bug fixes are a large part of PBE testing, along with balance. Here are the important bug fixes taking place today during the TFT Set Eight Nov. 21 update. 

  • Changes were made to ensure Support Hero Augments get applied correctly.
  • Having multiple Bloodthirster items equipped to a unit will stack Omnivamp.
  • Aphelios will no longer lock himself out of casting.
  • The ADMIN trait will no longer give bonuses to everyone with “On Cast.”
  • Zoe won’t try to target each other’s Poison dots and Cho’Gath will no longer get stuck when aiming at a target in the upper left corner of the board. 
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