SkyJay almost does the impossible at Smash Ultimate Collision 2023 as Riddles takes the crown

A low-tier god showed us what his character can do.

Skyjay had a real opportunity to take his first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate major win last night, but Riddles and his trusty Kazuya had other plans.

Incineroar is a character that’s widely considered either a low or a mid-tier, but Skyjay took the character to new heights by making it to the grand finals against Riddles and his Kazuya.

On paper, it should have been a one-sided beatdown, but Skyjay made it a close 2-3 with Riddles eclipsing him during the last game of the set. Since Skyjay came from the losers bracket, there were no bracket resets and Riddles took home the title.

There are a few upsets on the way to the finals, with the biggest being MkLeos absence in the top eight courtesy of Riddles and ShinyMark.

MkLeo met Riddles in the top 16 of the tournament and was dispatched with a quick 3-0. He was then finished off by ShinyMark in the losers bracket thanks to a 3-1. This was the first time MKLeo missed the top eight of a tournament in years.

Even though Skyjay finished in second place, hes still determined to win his next tournament. This was the first time in recent years that a low-tier character appeared in the top eight, let alone the grand finals of a major tournament.

The highest-placing player in Collision 2023 who hasn’t already been invited to the Smash Ultimate Summit receives an invite to Beyond The Summit. This means Riddles is coming to the final summit for Smash Ultimate.

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