Skye can cancel another Skye’s flash with this neat trick in VALORANT

Never get out-flashed again.

One VALORANT player on Reddit recently discovered that Skye flashes can be canceled out by the player flashing themselves. 

VALORANT has become infamous for having multiple flashes that seem to last an eternity. Several agents have flashes built into their kits, and without a straightforward way to avoid flashes, players are trying anything they can to make the flashes a little less intense. Reddit user VatianGT posted a clip to the official VALORANT Reddit showcasing the ability to cancel out a Skye flash by using another Skye flash.

To cancel the Skye flash, the other player must also be playing Skye or else the trick wont work. As showcased in the clip, once the enemy Skye uses her bird to flash, the ally Skye also pulls out a flash. When the ally Skye engages the flash, effectively flashing herself, the enemy flash duration is shortened, thus canceling out the enemy flash. As the ally flash dissipates, the clip shows that the enemy Skye, who threw a flash first, is still flashed by the ally Skye, allowing the enemy Skye to be killed while still blinded by the flash. 

It is unclear whether this trick still works with agents other than Skye. There are agents like Yoru, KAY/O, and Phoenix who also have throwable flashes. But these flashes work differently from Skye, who can activate the flash at different points while the bird is flying and may not be able to cancel out enemy flashes like Skye can. There has been no patch to this flash cancelation mechanic yet.

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