Skarner’s ultimate is getting the AoE treatment in his upcoming LoL visual and gameplay update

"Feel my sting!"

Ever since Skarner won the latest fan poll for the next visual and gameplay update, League of Legends players have been waiting for the new Crystal Vanguard for over a year.

Although the update still isn’t ready for Summoner’s Rift, Riot Games’ developers have some pretty big updates and insights for League’s resident scorpion enthusiasts, including a sneak peek into what could be Skarner’s new ultimate ability.

Product manager Lexi Lexical Gao has given some new information about everyone’s favorite Brackern, and one major change that the developers are thinking about is making Skarner’s ultimate an area-of-effect ability, moving it from a single target, pick-based tool to a game-changing teamfight ability that can sweep up multiple enemies.

“Skarners theme has found an appealing home as a ‘revered, larger-than-life daemon’ whos highly protective of the place he calls home,” Lexical said in the developer’s blog. “Expect to see him easily rip through the Rift to hunt down intruders. One way he could do this is by picking up enemies and moving them where you want. And lucky for us, it just so happens that Skarner kinda already does that with Impale.”

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In the sample video, Skarner’s Impale is no longer a point-and-click ability and will instead be a cone-shaped skillshot that will freeze any targets in its area of effect and allow Skarner to drag them around like his original ultimate.

Although it has a lower duration and a short cast time, this will give Skarner a deadly tool to engage multiple targets, especially if they group up during an objective fight. He’ll now have a better chance to flank enemies and grab multiple opponents to kick off a skirmish, while Skarner’s enemies will need to stay farther apart to dodge away from his ultimate’s sweeping area.

Lexical also hinted that the rest of Skarner’s kit will allow him to get into a better position to use his Impale, while also giving him more tools while Impale is active. More details will be shared with the general player base in the coming months and many fans hope a set release date will be provided soon.

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