SK to play this week’s LEC matches remotely after player tests positive for COVID-19

The player is already recovering and "feeling better."

SK Gaming will play the second week of the 2022 LEC Summer Split from the German esports orgs Magenta Facility in Berlin after support player Janik JNX Bartels tested positive for COVID-19. 

The team shared the news on social media today, stating that everyone else on the League of Legends team is in good health and JNX is already recovering and feeling better.

The LEC production and teams in the league have worked remotely for several splits and thus the competition will resume without issues. SK will open the next two days of the split with best-of-one matches against Astralis and Misfits.

The team closed the first week of the competition with two losses and one win, making the next two games a chance to even out the score before continuing their Summer Split campaign.

The feat against Misfits, who currently stand at the bottom of the rankings, is more than doable, but it could prove to be a challenge to defeat Astralis, who are second in the standings.

LEC fans will be able to see SK in action on the official lolesports website today at 11am CT. 

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