SK Gaming and Vitality snowball their way to top of LEC Spring Split in opening week

Only one can continue the win streak.

SK Gaming and Team Vitality closed the first week of LEC Spring Split undefeated. The first three days of the second split of the 2023 Season created a clear top two, with Vitality and SK bringing their snowballing style from inside the game to the LEC rankings. Similar ways of controlling the Rift, yet a different approach to the gamebut their next game will decide who among them is one step ahead towards the title.

SK left the Winter Split during the playoffs stage achieving an historical feat for the organization, but is in Spring Split where it looks like SK is fully blooming.

The equally undefeated Astralis met their match in SK on the third day of the Spring Split, on the first match of the day. But Astralis explosive nature succumbed to SKs consistency and teamwork, which left their opponents chasing the lead for the entire game.

From neutral objectives to dives, SK dominated the Rift without breaking much of a sweat, snowballing their way from the early game advantages to Astralis nexus.

The latter didnt succeed in finding a way to get back at SK proactive plays across their key League battle, and the control over their side of the map slipped from their hands just as smoothly as Markoon’s flying kicks.

Vitality found their third win on the same day in a similar way.

Bo and Photons synergy on the top side of the Rift in the first few minutes of the game subjugated the newly arrived top laner of Fnatic. The dynamic duo collected significant gold advantages that Vitality never really let go for the rest of the game, leaving Fnatic gasping for a break during Vitalitys relentless pressure.

With the clock marking 20 minutes, Vitality moved towards the Baron pit looking to bring the buff on their side. Fnatic did not stand idle and made their way to intercept their opponents, but all they met was an insurmountable force that Vitality built up during the previous 20 minutes.

After delivering the gray screen to all of Fnatics members, Vitality closed the fastest game of the split so far.

The complete control over the Rift from start to finish seemed to have been a theme for this first week of Spring Split at the LEC. Several matches have been one-sided, with the winning team collecting gold and kills lead in the early game and snowballing their way to the victory screen.

The winning streak for Vitality and SK will surely come to an end next weekor, at least, for one of them. 

The two top teams will meet in their next game this Saturday, at 4pm CT.

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