Sivir ties for League champion with the second-most skins, only behind a popular mage

She's tied with two other champions.

With two new upcoming skins in League of Legends Patch 13.1, Sivir will be tied for the champion with the second-most skins, just behind Lux.

The Battle Mistress will have 16 skins with the release of Mythmaker Sivir and Prestige Mythmaker Sivir, which are set to release with Patch 13.1 this week. This will shoot her to second place just behind Lux, who is the only champion with 17 skins in the game.

Lux got lucky last year when she had three new skins added to the gameEmpyrean Lux, Porcelain Lux, and Prestige Porcelain Lux. The former was added with Patch 12.21 on Nov. 2, while the other two were added with Patch 12.2 on Jan. 20.

Sivir, on the other hand, also got a new skin in 2022, but only one, with the Solar Eclipse Sivir being released on April 27 with Patch 12.8.

The other two champions that have 16 skins in the game are Miss Fortune and Ezreal. Each of them got fresh in 2022 as well, so another one is unlikely in the coming months. But you never know.

League of Legends Patch 13.1 is scheduled to be released tomorrow, Jan. 10. It will also mark the beginning of the 2023 ranked season. You can check all the expected patch notes for the upcoming update here.

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