Sivir can bounce her Boomerang on dead League minions—and Riot says it’s not a bug

Sivir mains, rejoice.

A League of Legends player has recently discovered a surprising feature regarding Sivir, but Riot Games says it’s intended to work that way.

The player reported a supposed bug on the game’s subreddit, explaining that Sivir’s boomerang from Ricochet (W) can bounce off dead minions. The devs were quick to respond, with Riot GalaxySmash saying they “talked with the designer and this functionality is intended.”

The player that reported the issue said Sivir’s boomerang can then immediately bounce to an enemy champion, which could significantly impact the laning phase when playing against the champion. They also underlined “it even always happens,” so it wasn’t a fluke. Since this has now been confirmed as an intended feature, Sivir mains should rejoice.

Sivir received a mid-scope update in Patch 12.13 and has been dominating in the bottom lane ever since. The devs have tweaked her in the following updates, but she’s still one of the strongest picks in the position. Patch 12.16 is the first update since the mid-scope update that doesn’t include Sivir changes.

In Patch 12.16, Sivir currently has a 50.68 percent win rate, with a 20.2 percent pick rate and 26 percent ban rate in the Platinum ranks and above, according to stats site U.GG. If you exclude mages, this makes her the eighth-best traditional marksman in the position.

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