Sinatraa’s professional VALORANT comeback teased in North America Challengers

A comeback may be on the cards.

Former Sentinels player Jay Sinatraa Won could return to the VALORANT circuit through Challengers, fellow streamer Connor PROD Moran said last night. 

Sinatraas potential comeback, following almost a two-year absence, could be next week with the VALORANT Challengers North America last chance qualifier, which is set to begin on Jan. 17. 

Streamer PROD said he may compete in the upcoming tournament alongside Sinatraa, former OpTic Gaming player Jimmy Marved Nguyen, former Sentinels player Jared zombs Gitlin, and streamer Coby dizzy Meadows. 

The former Sentinels superstar is yet to play professionally following his sexual assault scandal at the start of 2021. He was accused by his former girlfriend Cleo Hernandez on March 9. Sinatraa was later suspended for six months from competition by developers and tournament organizers Riot Games. 

Sinatraa made his intention to return to professional play in April last year. I am now ready for a return to competitive play, he said on Twitter. Since Sinatraa has fulfilled his suspension, he is eligible to compete in VALORANT

The last chance qualifier will grant two final teams a slot in Challengers one North America, which will begin in February. The other four teams will be decided in the open qualifier, which began on Jan. 9. 

Challengers one features prominent teams including The Guard, FaZe, M80, TSM, Shopify Rebellion, and G2 Esports following a direct invitation by tournament hosts Knights. 

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