Sinatraa’s Challengers run with PROD comes to an end

The stream team has been taken down.

The stream team set up to compete in the VALORANT North American Challengers last chance qualifier fell in the third round of the lower bracket last night. 

In the tournament, PROD teamed up with former OpTic Gaming player Jimmy Marved Nguyen, streamer Coby dizzy Meadows, and former Sentinels players Jay Sinatraa Won and Jared zombs Gitlin. 

The team dubbed UNTAMABLE BEASTS, set up by streamer Connor PROD Moran, included some of his friends. It was made clear to the fans that this team was set up with the intention of competing for entertainment, rather than securing qualification for the Challengers circuit as the primary objective. 

The five players, all of which have prominent fanbases in the VALORANT community, commanded a large viewership throughout their tournament run. During the first day of their tournament bout on Jan. 17, Sinatraa amassed around 45,000 peak viewers, according to Twitch Tracker

The team played well for the first few matches, mainly against lower-tier opponents rather than established rosters. Their tournament run hit a roadblock following a 2-1 defeat to Nearest Airport in the round of 16 in the upper bracket. 

While UNTAMABLE BEASTS took down Team Reckaroo in the second round of the lower bracket, they were defeated by City Boys to conclude their tournament run, finishing in the top 16.

Fans were quick to point out PRODs poor performance in the final match, boasting 11 kills across two maps with a 76 average damage per round. But PROD is the only player on the roster that is yet to compete at a professional level in an esport.

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