Sigma’s passive just became the worst in the game thanks to strange new Overwatch 2 bug

Will the bugs ever end?

Another link in the tank chain has been cracked, with Sigma now the third behemoth-sized hero suffering from ability issues in Overwatch 2 since the latest update.

The issue plaguing Sigma is simple: the floating OW2 hero is supposed to suffer significantly less knockback thanks to his passive ability. Following the emergence of a new bugthe latest in a long line of a growing glitch pandemicmeans it actually does the opposite now. That’s right, Sigma actually gets knocked even further back.

In a clip shared by one eagle-eyed Overwatch gamer on Reddit on Feb. 14, players could see Sigma blasted far further back than usual by a swing from Doomfist’s Rocket Punch.

This particular Overwatch bug presents some pretty egregious issues. In particular, it greatly increases the chance of Sigma players being punched or knocked off an edge on maps like Rialto or Lijiang Towers Garden map (there are so many lofty maps in Blizzard’s hero shooter) and contradicts his passive ability entirely.

Alongside Sigma, other tanks like Roadhog, Orisa, and Symmetra have already been suffering from glitches to their ability kits too.

Roadhogs healing ability has become unusable any time he’s killed while using his ultimate, and it can only be fixed once the hero dies. Orisa, on the other hand, has been finding herself stuck in spin cycles, with her ultimate broken. Finally, Symmetras turrets aren’t regenerating after being destroyed, and sometimes even failing to fire altogether.

Here’s hoping Blizzard is paying attention because the issues keep mounting.

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