Sigma ripped out of Overwatch 2 competitive games after gamebreaking bug surfaces

Another Sigma glitch?

The new Overwatch 2 patch, shipped this week, tackled various minute details causing chaos in-game, but one change seems to have caused more than it solved: it’s accidentally destroyed Sigmas abilities. Now, Blizzard has been forced to put him back on the operating table to find the solution to the faulty mechanic.

Sigmas abilities were made null and void thanks to the May 9 patch, which was attempting to tweak his Gravitic Flux. Instead, the Overwatch update saw Sigma locked out of his abilities, with only allowing flying and his primary fire actually working.

After discovering the bug, Blizzard’s developers rushed to disable Sigma from all competitive matches, as confirmed by Aaron Keller on Twitter on May 10. This shock roster suspension has no official end date just yet.

Outside the bug, the May patch changed Sigmas ultimate, Gravitic Flux, to automatically cast after the timer ran out, alongside a long list of detailed hero changes. Characters like Junker Queen, Echo, Junkrat, Orisa, Kiriko, and Lifeweaver also came under Blizzards knife, with each of them seeing a weighty collection of meta-defining changes.

This isn’t the first time the floating tank has been hit by strange glitches either; Sigmas previous game-breaking glitch surfaced in February this year when players discovered the eccentric astrophysicist’s hovering passive had become utterly useless. His low-knockback passive was meant to make him the most bump-resistant hero in Overwatch’s roster, but in fact, made him one of the most susceptible.

Other glitches have plagued the OW2 landscape for months. In particular, fans have been heavily impacted by a rotating door of rank glitches, either placing them against ranks far higher than them or being deranked on win streaks.

The devs havent shared details on when Sigma will return to the Overwatch ranked scene, so well just have to wait until the Blizzard overlords shower us with good news.

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