Siege’s Operation Solar Raid introduces Solis, a Colombian defender who can spot electronics

Welcome to the team, Solis.

Rainbow Six Siege fans got a first look today at the new operator coming to the roster next month. Solis, a technological specialist and the new Colombian defender, will join the game alongside Operation Solar Raid, which is scheduled to hit the live servers on Dec. 6.

Solis’ unique gadget, the SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor, allows her to pinpoint enemy electronic devices, and players must communicate with their teammates to make the most out of her ability.

She can detect a wide range of devices, including drones, breaching devices, and even the defuser in bomb rounds. While Solis can see the gadgets herself using her augmented-reality visor, she can also use her gloves to trigger a scan, showing their locations. Solis players must communicate the location of the gadgets with their team, though.

Solis is a two-health, two-speed operator. She can go into battle with two choices of primary and one option of sidearm. As her main weapon, players can choose between the P90 and the ITA 12L, which open different avenues of engagement. Though the P90 obviously has more range, the ITA 12L opens up more destructive power, especially when it comes to creating rotations.

Regardless of her choice of primary, Solis players will have the SMG-11 as a secondary. This gives them a solid backup weapon if they do bring a shotgun. To round out her loadout, Solis can bring impact grenades or a bulletproof camera.

Solis players should be on the lookout for certain operators that can make playing her a trickier task. Thatcher’s unique gadget can disable Solis’ SPEC-IO, and IQ can also spot the defender’s gadget. Jackal, Grim, and Lion can also pinpoint Solis’ location.

In addition to the new operator, Siege’s Operation Solar Raid is bringing a series of changes and elements to the game. The Nighthaven Labs map is joining the map pool this season, and players will also see a myriad of changes to the competitive playlist, a new battle pass system, and both crossplay and cross-progression.

Highly requested quality-of-life features will also launch alongside the new operation, and Ubisoft will add a few balancing updates to the Siege mix, too.

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