Siege to add auto-mute penalties for abusive text chat, let players report cheating from match replay

The changes will come into effect later in the season.

Ubisoft will take two steps to improve Rainbow Six Siege player behavior in Operation Brutal Swarm. The developer will introduce an automatic mute for abusive text chat and allow players to report hackers while watching the match replay, which offers a way to report cheating even if the offenders left the match. These two actions will not launch alongside the new operation but will come into effect later in the season.

The abusive text chat penalty will mute repeat offenders who abuse players through text chat, with the aim to mitigate and prevent hateful content in the chat. The penalty will still allow offenders to send and receive text messages, but players will have to opt-in to unmute them instead of showing all their messages by default. This penalty will last for 30 matches.

The mute penalty will go into effect later in Operation Brutal Swarm and will come with an unspecified grace period. After that window ends, it will go into full effect and will give players an active penalty.

Additionally, Ubisoft will offer players the option to report cheaters from the match replay. Whether you missed the opportunity to report them during the match or spotted a play that was ultra suspicious, you can report them to Ubisoft even after the match ended, giving the developer more tools to pinpoint cases of hacking.

The two upcoming measures are an addition to Ubisoft’s attempts to curb negative behavior. In Operation Vector Glare, the Siege team touched on reverse friendly fire, enabling it for several matches on repeat offenders. Though Ubisoft did not specify a timeline for the release of the new features, players can expect them at some point during Operation Brutal Swarm, which kicks off on the Test Server on Aug. 22 and reaches the live servers on Sept. 6.

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