Shroud marks return to competitive play with highlight reel clip to win Sentinels a map

You can definitely call it a comeback.

Its been five long years since shroud retired from competitive CS:GO and moved full time into content creation. Five long years since viewers got to see him display his skill against some of the best players in the world, with the highest stakes imaginable.

In his first proper match as a VALORANT pro today, shroud made sure to make amends for his long absence from competitive gaming. Sentinels first match of the North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier began on Breeze, and who else would be there to step up for the team in Overtime, securing the first map of the LCQ?

On map point, Sentinels sprinted out to a two-player advantage on defense, while the remnants of The Guard grouped up for an A-site hit, knowing they needed to get the spike planted if they had any hopes of sending the map to another round of overtime. Unfortunately for them, they bunched together directly in line of sight toward the defenders spawn, right where shroud was holding.

In the blink of an eye, the remaining three members were gone, with shrouds Phantom spray ripping through the remaining attackers. The eliminations even took the casters by surprise, with the round and map ending in lightning-quick fashion. It was also a bookend to the map that seemed straight out of a script since shroud also registered the first blood of the LCQ with a pistol round kill at the beginning of the match.

It might not even lead to a victory in their match in the LCQ, but for now, shroud is back and hes won a map for Sentinels with a highlight reel clip. All is well in NA VALORANT.

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