Shroud gifted back-to-back aces in late night VALORANT Premier stream

Most people just gift subs, but this is nice too.

As a long-time competitor across various FPS titles, and a streamer regarded as a savant in all things shooter-related, Twitch star shroud doesn’t need much help when it comes to making plays. But that didn’t stop his Premier opponents in VALORANT from giving him back-to-back aces during their beta phase match.

During the global open beta phase, shroud joined forces with other popular pro players turned star streamers, teaming up with Tarik, Stewie2k, Steel, and iiTzTimmy to form a stacked Premier roster. All five players hopped on for a Saturday night match during the Pearl week of the Premier beta, and shroud did not disappoint.

Down 1-2 on the defensive side, shroud faced a 1v5 with the spike planted, shroud put on a show over on the A site. From A Link, he picks up two headshots on players on site, then is gifted with a Phantom spray through smoke that finds a third. Then he isolates two more fights and gets two more headshots with plenty of time to defuse.

As impressively cool as shroud kept during that sequence, even he couldn’t help but remark on the poor play from his opponents, saying “they just threw that so hard.” With the exception of the Skye player that thought they were safe in smoke, everyone else just takes fights one at a time against shroud, and the Viper at the end isn’t even looking at A Link when the Harbor wall falls.

Shroud picks up another ace in the very next round, this time over on the B site. He picks off Killjoy just before the Viper wall is raised, then grabs a kill from the airborne Jett trying to connect with knives. After saying “I’m just gonna peak these guys, I don’t give a fuck,” he does precisely that, and is again greeted with players peeking him one at a time.

Three rounds into the match shroud hadn’t recorded a single kill, but just two rounds later, he was up to 10. He ended up with 22 kills on the map against only nine deaths in a 13-7 victory. The streamer squad, going by the name GO VALORANT, are 3-1 in the Premier beta phase.

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